How to Change  an Image's Color in Photoshop

How to Change an Image's Color in Photoshop

Upload the image.

Double-click the logo layer

If you do not see ‘layers’ listed in the right panel, select the image using the select tool, then in the Photoshop menu, select Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay

Select Color Overlay

Make sure ‘blend mode’ is set to ‘normal’ and ‘opacity’ is it to ‘100%’. Click the color picker to change the color.

After you have selected your color, Click OK.

To download your new logo, go to File > Export.

In my case, I exported it as a PNG to preserve the transparent background.

If your logo has multiple layers, or you want to change the color on certain parts of your logo and leave others a different color, check out this 👉 YouTube tutorial.

Happy building!